What does the [Object*] promise?Nothing short of another cosmos.
A radically different set of relations is possible.   

Modification* to quote. Joshua Bennett, Being Property Once Myself, p. 4. 

Gala Prudent is an interdisciplinary artist based in Brooklyn, NY. Her work — spanning analog photography, installed sculptural forms, and writing — locates black femme subjectivity as it occurs and manifests in the field of objects, social architecture, history, and the natural world. By enlisting static objects and materials to perform the body, Gala troubles the reliability of sight and language to reproduce the real. She seeks to locate or imagine aliveness as an allegory for blackness in the materials she employs.

Gala received her bachelor’s degree in Modern Culture and Media and Visual Art from Brown University, studied Art at The Cooper Union, and was admitted to Yale’s Norfolk Residency. In conjunction with her visual practice, she writes prose about black embodiment, visuality, and contemporary art.

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