The Ruin; A Proposal for immediate ascension for the burnt and the beloved 

2023 / Numeroventi / Florence, IT

Loaned terra-cotta bricks, ash, foam, ink


Concerto of the periphery in I, III, and V

2023 / Numeroventi / Florence, IT

Alabaster nuggets, pressure, river reeds

Will, Well, Wall; each suggests elsewhere’s spatial meaning

2022 / Drawing A Blank / London, UK

Reclaimed bricks, packing material, ink

A Form Can Be Stretched Through Space and Time


Silver gelatin prints, laser engraved text, reclaimed pine

222 (two Entrances Marked in Flesh)

2020 / Comissioned by KARA

Used terra cotta bricks, industrial felt, rope, crystal mesh, water, tin bucket, printed excerpts from selected texts (“Stumbling Dance” by André Lepecki, “Mama’s Baby Papa’s Maybe: An American Grammar Book” by Hortense Spillers, and “The Wake” by Christina Sharpe (from In the Wake: On Blackness and Being).

a familial anamnesis of disaster and other deathward moving things 


Archival and found images. 7 minutes, 47 seconds.