222 (two Entrances Marked in Flesh)

2020 / Comissioned by KARA

Used terra cotta bricks, industrial felt, rope, crystal mesh, water, tin bucket, printed excerpts from selected texts (“Stumbling Dance” by André Lepecki, “Mama’s Baby Papa’s Maybe: An American Grammar Book” by Hortense Spillers, and “The Wake” by Christina Sharpe (from In the Wake: On Blackness and Being).

a familial anamnesis of disaster and other deathward moving things 


7 minutes and 47 seconds 

my Light is a Tumor /
my Black is a Void that Light Up the Room


Costume from a performance of the same name.

15 minutes and 31 seconds.

carseat, cradle (road to the grave)


Wooden frame, cardboard, paper, tickets, wire, lock, key, electric cable, asphalt, brick, auto rim, acrylic paint.

The Water is Rising


Oil, acrylic, and pencil on stretched paper.